About Us

Aishwari Agro Foods

is an Agro commodities origination and Food Products contract processing and marketing company. It markets high quality Packaged Pulses, Spices, Millets, Flours, Nutritional Foods & Dried Healthy Snacks for both B2B and B2C segments.

It was established by first-generation entrepreneur Mr. Sanket Kapadnis during the year 2012. He has been very closely associated with the development of sustainable farmer-linkages, farm gate level infrastructure creation, Post-harvest Agri supply chain management for agro-processing plants and trading of primary as well as value-added Agri produce for domestic and export markets.

The focus and mission of the company are to provide the best quality of staple foods and nutritional products for the consumers at reasonable prices through the supply chain which is also inclusive for the farmers.



During the initial years, Aishwari agro foods were providing physical commodity brokerage services for agro-processing companies and traders, supplying various agro commodities to feed, solvent, milling, spices grinding, and ginning industries and originated bulk quantities of raw material from various origins during – both rabbi and Kharif production seasons. It also provided marketing services for processed products and by-products generated by the agro-processing industry. This operation helped us understand core Agri supply chain risks and trade channels for raw materials as well as processed and by-products, besides giving us a stage for future growth & creating a sustainable agro commodities and food products trade platform